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Access to a manufacturer-insured EV has become easier than ever, with minimal out-of-pocket expenses, regardless of your credit history

Drive Green.

We recognize the need to transition to eco-friendly transportation options to combat climate change and reduce carbon emissions. We do this by making EVs accessible to a broader range of individuals, contributing to a greener and more sustainable future.

Drive the Future.

Drive Affordable.

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Browse through our range of affordable electric vehicles designed for city commuting. We offer competitive pricing and financing options, inclusive of insurance to all qualified customers without credit checks. Experience the convenience and sustainability of electric vehicles today!

Meet our partners

man with his hand on pocket
man with his hand on pocket
woman in blue short-sleeved dress
woman in blue short-sleeved dress
"I was pleasantly surprised by their commitment to making EVs affordable. I found a reliable, eco-friendly vehicle that didn't break the bank. Saving money and reducing my carbon footprint at the same time feels wonderful."

Mei Li, Grateful Daily Commuter

What our customers are saying

"Metti World Transport is a game-changer! As a student, finding an affordable electric vehicle felt impossible. But they made it happen. Now, I'm not only saving money but also driving a clean, green machine. It's a win-win! "

Jake Thompson, Student Driver