VF8 Eco

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VF8 Plus

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*Enrolment and Costs: A non-refundable administrative fee of $150 is required for program enrolment. Monthly lease payments for VinFast VF 8 Eco stand at $497.68 for 84 months, and for VinFast VF 8 Plus stand at $542.92 for 84 months, based on an adjusted capitalized cost of $55,200 and $75,200 respectively, inclusive of destination and handling fees which start at $1,500 and may vary depending on the state. This cost accounts for a $4,000 and $5,500 respectively capitalized cost reduction and omits a security deposit. The actual cost, contingent on the build specifics, could fluctuate, potentially influencing the monthly lease amount. Due at signing: for VinFast VF 8 Eco: $4,000 capitalized cost reduction, $497.69 (first month's payment), and $695 acquisition fee, and for VinFast VF 8 Plus: $5,500 capitalized cost reduction, $542.92 (first month's payment), and $695 acquisition fee.

Responsibilities and Costs for Lessee: Lessees must ensure insurance coverage throughout the lease term. You'll be accountable for excess wear and tear, as outlined in the lease contract. The first unlimited mileage lease program. A disposition fee of up to $395, capped by legal limits, will be applicable at the lease's conclusion. Some customers might be eligible for a security deposit waiver, but not all will qualify.

Insurance and Data Coverage: All vehicles under this lease will be insured via Metti World Transport insurance partners. Note: Insurance quotations can differ based on individual driving records.

Additional Fees and Information: Taxes, titles, licenses, registrations, and administrative fees are all additional charges due at signing. Advertised payments exclude relevant taxes. This special lease offer, valid through December 31, 2023, pertains to pre-owned 2023 VinFast VF 8 ECO and PLUS models leased via Metti World Transport. Availability and specifics of the offer might change. Not all applicants will be eligible for this leasing offer. Qualifications and terms are determined by employment verification and other criteria. We uphold a 24-hour cancellation policy.

with $10,000 down